Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right Web Design Company can be a daunting and intimidating process. To make your search simpler we, at Site Wide Design, have compiled a number of frequently asked questions. If you do not see an answer to your question below, please feel free to Contact us or search the website using the search box below. We will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

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Everything you need to know

How much does a website cost?
The cost of a website can vary depending on various factors, just like the cost of a house may vary. We offer to quickLaunch package which starts at just £299 and includes upto 4 pages of content. For those looking for something with more pages and/or more integrations such as Blogs, Portfolio's or E-commerce for example, our online quote form will help provide a cost estimate for your requirements.
How does the payment process work?
The project starts with a 50% deposit. After design sign off and before we move into programming, we collect 25%. Once we have completed and fulfilled our scope, the final 25% is collected and your website is then scheduled for launch.
Will I own my website?
Absolutely! Everything that we build will be 100% owned by you. Most of our clients stay with us for the life of the website, but if for any reason you decide you want to take your site to another hosting service and get another company to service the site, we will happily assist you in making the transition as effortlessly and efficiently as possible. The website is yours after all, and we want you to take it wherever you go.
Can you help me update my existing website?
Yes! Providing it is built on one of our supported platforms. We will need to complete an initial audit of your website to ensure it is compatible with our website management platform. If your Website is compatible, you can choose from one of our month-to-month Management & Support Packages or request a quote for the specific website changes you require.
How long has Site Wide Design been building websites?
Site Wide Design was officially founded in 2016 by Operations Director + Founder, Donna Torr but its roots and underlying values were developed back in 2006. You can learn more on our About Us page.
Where will my website be hosted?
We have our very own dedicated Hosting Platform for all of our Web Design and Support customers. Our primary facility is Turing House, based in Manchester Technopark.  Turing House has four on-site generators with 5 days' supply of fuel, which provides us with full capability to sustain long power outages.
How long does it take to build a website?
Our QuickLaunch websites usually take around 30 days to create, our Standard websites take approximately 120 days to create and our E-commerce (online store) websites take approximately 160 days to create. This time will vary from project to project and is dependant on many factors such as the agreement of the website content.
What kind of businesses do you work with?

We work with a broad range of people and company types, from Charities and Churches to Restaurants, Constuction and Primary schools (just to name a few). No job is too big or too small for our dedicated team.

What platform do you build your websites on?
We build all of our Business websites on the open-source Content Management System (CMS) platform called Joomla! Our Schools websites are built on the open-source Content Management System (CMS) platform Wordpress. However, if you prefer one over the other we can accomodate this.
Can you help me source photos for my website?
Yes! We can help you source stock photos from a number of stock photo websites.
Can you help me write content for my website?
Yes! We include copy writing and editing in all of our proposals. We also build your sitemap and help structure the foundation of your website in the planning stages.
Can I migrate my existing website to your hosting platform?
Yes! Please visit our Hosting Website and register as a new customer, or if you are and existing customer of Site Wide Design please Contact Us and we can assist you with the migration.